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Class 27


Vickie Hodder 705-426-4296 or
Marilyn Engledow 705-426-4620

ENTRY FEE: $5.00 Exhibitor/Membership Fee

LOCATION: Curling Club

Only one entry per person per section. Exhibits MUST be in place before 8:00 p.m Thursday and MUST be removed between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. Sunday. Prizes awarded only to a creditable entry. Pictures must be framed and wired for hanging.


Sample fabrics and/or yarns MUST accompany each entry. Please place samples in a small zip lock bag safely pinned to bottom right hand corner of entry

PRIZE MONEY: $5 $4 $3

1. Dishcloth – knit
2. Dishcloth – crochet
3. Stuffed Animal or toy
4. Handmade Teddy Bear
5. Kitchen Accessory - any material
6. Hand painted or Folk Art painted article
7. Bookmark (any material)
8. Cross stitch Picture any size
9. Decorated Article of Clothing
10. Jewellery
11. Decorated tea towel – any style
12. Flower Arrangement - dried, silk or fibre
13. Handmade gift bag-decorated
     (sewing, knit or crochet)
14. Hand Embroidered Item
15. Hooked Picture or Hooked Wall Hanging (not Latched hooking)
16. Wall Hanging (not quilted or hooked)
17. Greeting Card (blank inside)
18. Dream Catcher

19. Bird House
20. Bird Feeder

21. Christmas Stocking
22. Christmas tree skirt
23. Christmas tree decoration – ready to hang
24. Christmas door decoration – ready to hang
25. Christmas Centerpiece – any style
26. Santa Claus – any material

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