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Cattle at Sunrise


Friday 7:00 pm

COMMITTEE: Paul & Leanne Yates

Laura Finley, Carl Phoenix, Robert Smith, Dale Phillips, Rob Aston, Scott Wilson

GATES: Driver free

ENTRY FEE: None - 4-H cards must be presented at gates



1. Calves must be on the grounds by 4 PM and ready to show at 7 PM.

2. In order to compete you must be between the ages of 9 to 21 as of January 1 and a member of Durham West 4-H

3. Section A - entries are members who placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th at showmanship at their local Achievement Day in each division. A member not entered in Section B may bring their calf or borrow a calf at the show to compete in Section A only.

4. Section B - entries are the first four calves from any one 4-H club in each class.

5. Section C - entries are a group of three calves from one 4-H club previously shown in Section B. One entry per class per 4-H club. Note: there shall be one lead man per calf and one attendant per group. The attendant must be a member of the 4-H club entry.

6. The group system of judging will be followed with calves in each group placed in order.

7. All 4-H members are responsible for transportation of their calf to the Championship Show.

8. Directors of the Beaverton Agricultural Society will not be liable for any accidents within the fairgrounds.

9. NOTE: no shavings are to be used in the barn.

10. Livestock Exhibitors must provide proof of $2,000,000.00 Liability Insurance or entries may be refused.

Section A - Showmanship

  1. Novice Showmanship

  2. Junior Dairy Showmanship

  3. Intermediate Dairy Showmanship

  4. Senior Dairy Showmanship

**Championship Dairy Showmanship - 1st and 2nd place show person are eligible in Class 1

Section B - Individual 4-H Calf Competition Class

  5. Junior Calf - Holstein

  6. Intermediate Calf - Holstein

  7. Senior Calf - Holstein

  8. Junior Yearling - Holstein

  9. Summer Yearling - Holstein

10. Junior Calf - Coloured breeds

11. Intermediate Calf - Coloured breeds

12. Senior Calf - Coloured breeds

13. Junior Yearling - Coloured breeds

14. Summer Yearling - Coloured breeds

**Grand Championship Heifer Calf - all breeds Champion and Reserve Champion Ribbons awarded

Section C - Inter-Club 4-H Calf Competition Class

15. Group of three calves - 2 groups per club
** Champion Dairy Group, Champion and Reserve Champion Ribbons awarded**


Loa-de-mede Farms Ltd. - to the Champion Showman
Orvan Chamber - to the Champion Holstein Heifer
Phoenix Brothers - to the Grand Champion Heifer
Gordhill Farms - to the Reserve Grand Champion Heifer
Elmheights - to the Champion Group of Three
Sunderland Co-op & Quality Seeds - to Top Home Bred Heifer
Phillhaven - David F. Foster provides all ribbons

We thank Thaxter Farms & Muskoka Timber Mills for providing the shavings for this event.

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