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Making a Quilt

SENIORS WORK - 60 years +

Class 28


Vickie Hodder 705-426-4296 or
Marilyn Engledow 705-426-4620

LOCATION: Curling Club

Only one entry per person per section. Exhibits MUST be in place before 8:00 PM Thursday and MUST be removed between 10:00 and 11:00 AM Sunday. Prizes awarded only to a creditable entry. Trace lines must be erased. Signatures must be covered.

Sample fabrics and/or yarns MUST accompany each entry. Please place samples in a small zip lock bag safely pinned to bottom right hand corner of entry

PRIZE MONEY: $5 $4 $3


 1.  Hand embroidered – any article
2.  Baby knit, 2-piece sweater with bonnet OR bootie
3.  Baby crochet, 2-piece sweater with bonnet OR bootie
4.  Pullover or Cardigan - knit
5.  Socks - knit
6.  Toque, hat or helmet - knit
7.  Toque, hat or helmet - crochet
8.  Hand Wear - knit
9.  Hand Wear - crochet
10. Slippers - knit
11. Slippers - crochet
12. Christmas decoration
13. Flower Arrangement – dried, silk or fibre
14. Afghan – knit or crochet (max size approx. 48” x 66”)
15. Baby afghan or shawl, knit or crochet (min size 36” x 36”)
16. Baby item (sew, knit, crochet) not previously mentioned in this Class

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