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Dog Show

Will not be taking place at the 2022 fair


ENTRY FEE: Admission to the Fair


REGISTRATION: Call or register Thursday before Fair at the Curling Club between 6:00-8:00pm.

Download form here


Prize Money $5, $4, $3

The prize money, ribbons and trophy for section 1 to 7 is being sponsored by Stewart Computer Services


1. Best Dressed Dog and Owner
2. Dog the judge would most likely take home
3. Saddest looking dog
4. Longest Ears
5. Most Obedient: Sit - Stay - Come - 6 foot lead
6. Best Puppy in Show $10 (6-12 months Male/Female)
7. Best of Show - Trophy Only (all dogs are entered)
8. Best Overall Handler - Harold Lodwick Memorial     Special $10.



  1. Open to anyone 4 to 18 years old.

  2. Child must be able to competently handle the dog on their own. Any behaviour exhibited by the dog deemed unsafe by the judge or committee, whether it be towards another dog or participant, the dog will be asked to leave the show and fairgrounds immediately.

  3. All dogs must be on a leash at all times.

  4. All participants must provide proof of rabies and combination vaccine for current year, no exceptions. All dogs in Ontario, must legally be vaccinated for rabies. Copies may be emailed by yourself or veterinarian to Arlene Thompson

  5. All participants must provide Home Owners Insurance Company and Policy Number.

  6. Only one entry per person

  7. Owners must have poop and scoop bags on hand.

  8. Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Mix Breeds Must Be Muzzled.

  9. Intact females MAY NOT participate during heat cycle. Committee must be notified at time of registration if males are intact.

  10. Parents and friends are asked to please sit in the area provided for them. Child and dog please sit in their area provided.

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