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Honorary Members'

Honorary Members are former members who gave outstanding contribution to the society. Honorary members have the same rights and privileges as the directors.

Pearl Akister
Bessie Brogan
Katrien Clark
Maryellen Dowswell
Slyvia Farrell
Lloyd Fisher
Barbara Goldsworthy
Albert Hewitt
Mary Hodgson
John Lambert
Tom Mangan
Jon Megens
Alan Ross
Marie (Fox) Snowden
Bob Thompson
Brenda Thaxter

Ken Alsop
Betty Clark
Vivienne Coupe
Dale Dowswell
Bev Fisher
Wendall Fisher
Ted Gordon
Eileen Hewitt
Gord Kea
Jack Little
Joseph Martin
Carl Parliament
Bob Ross
Bill Speedie
Carol Thompson
Larry Thaxter

Doug Bond
Brian Clark
Len Davis
Larry Farrell
Jean Fisher
Patricia George
Audrey Hakonson
George Hewitt
Joanne Lambert
Frank Mangan
Jim Mayberry
Agnes Pronk
Ruth Ross
Marion Speedie
Lisa Thompson
Ted Westcott


Since 1998, the Society has honoured a specific family and/or business that has shown considerable commitment and long time service to the production of the annual fair.

1998 W.J. Lambert and Sons
1999 The Lodwick Family
2000 The Thompson Family
2001 Brock Hydro, Eldon Dennis, Paul McRae
2002 Beaverton Fire Department
2003 Floyd Shanks Water Delivery
2007 Gillespie's Hardware
2008 Beverly Turf Farms Ltd.
2011 Farmers Mutual Insurance
2012 Beaverton Lions Club
2013 Thaxter Transportation
2014 Muskoka Timber Mills
2015 Sunderland Co-op

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