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Canned Preserved


Class 21

COMMITTEE: Roberta Mitchell 705-426-9705,
Joanne Lambert, Donna Donnelly

ENTRY FEE: $5.00 Exhibitor/Membership Fee

LOCATION: Scout Hall

Only one entry per person per section. Exhibits MUST be in place before 8:00 PM Thursday and MUST be removed between 10:00 and 11:00 AM Sunday. Prizes awarded only to a creditable entry.

PINT SIZE JARS or smaller are to be used for all sections. JARS MUST BE SEALED. NO WAX on jams, jellies or pickles. No artificial colouring allowed in pickles. Please use an elastic band to secure the entry tag.

PRIZE MONEY: $5, $4, $3


  1. Canned Peaches
  2. Apple Sauce
  3. Fruit Sauce – Named
  4. Chutney
  5. Peach Jam
  6. Peach Freezer Jam (thawed)
  7. Strawberry Jam
  8. Strawberry Freezer Jam (thawed)
  9. Raspberry Jam
10. Raspberry Freezer Jam (thawed)
11. Blueberry Jam
12. Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
13. Any Cooked Jam not listed
14. Marmalade
15. Grape Jelly
16. Apple Jelly
17. Crabapple Jelly
18. Red Currant Jelly
19. Red Pepper Jelly
20. Any jelly not listed
21. Mustard Pickle
22. Dill Pickle
23. Mustard Bean Pickle
24. Bread & Butter Pickles
25. Pickled Beets without spice
26. Pickled Beets with spice
27. Any Pickle not listed
28. Corn Relish
29. Cucumber Relish
30. Zucchini Relish
31. Any relish not listed
32. Chili Sauce
33. Spaghetti Sauce – meatless
34. Salsa – mild
35. Salsa – Medium
36. Salsa – Hot
37. Bernardin Jam/Jelly Award
Best Jam/Jelly using Bernardin pectin as selected by the fair:
Judging will be based on appearance, taste, texture and recipe creativity. Winning entry must include proof of purchase of sponsor's product purchase.
Prize 1st: $20.00 Gift Certificate, Plus Rosette Prize Ribbon
38. Bernardin Gift Pack Competition

Best Gift Pack submitted using Bernardin mason jar & SNAP Lid® as selected by the fair. Judges select winner based on creativity, quality of home canned product, perceived value & appropriateness of presentation.
Prize 1st: $20.00 Gift Certificate, Plus Rosette Prize Ribbon
39. Bernardin SNAP Lid® / Mason Jar Creative Craft Award
Best decorative or functional homemade craft made using a Bernardin mason jar(s) and/or 2-piece SNAP Lid® as selected by the fair.
Prize 1st: $20.00 Gift Certificate, Plus Rosette Prize Ribbon

Bernardin National Gift Pack Competition & Bernardin National Creative Craft Competition

Eligibility: First place winner of Bernardin Gift Pack competition or First place winner of Bernardin Creative Craft Competition with submission of signed declaration form and photo by Local Fair Convener.

Prize for each of the National Winners are
1st Place $100,
2nd and 3rd runner up $25 each

For Recipes and helpful hints on home canning visit

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